The Casino and Esplanade

From Captivating Canvey

By Janet Penn

Photo:Casino c1950

Casino c1950

Jacksons Photo Service

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That is a great picture,brings back lots of memories. My friends and I spent countless hours in, both the Amusement Arcade and at the Casino Ballroom. We marvelled at the beautiful sound from the "Wurlitzer" style juke box in the Arcade and socialized and danced in the Casino especially during the years that my fathers Dance Band "The Nightspots" played there, sometimes 2 to 3 times per week.!! At the far left of the picture is where a travelling outdoor show would locate their stage and fenced-in audience area. They were called "Uncle Tommy Dixons alfresco shows." They only located at that site about twice, 1950 could have been one of them. It was a "fun" show with Uncle Tommy's corny jokes and three or four girls who could sing and dance too. I believe they nearly all came from Wales and knew how to entertain and were able to adapt to the weather. "Those were the days on Canvey" Gerald.

By Gerald Hudson
On 06/05/2012

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