Canvey's Concrete Barge

A rare old photo of this landmark

By Don Rayner

I thought you may be interested in this photo of the much talked about Barge!

I took this photo too long ago to be able to date it, but I feel sure that someone can.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Canvey's Concrete Barge' page
This page was added by Don Rayner on 08/07/2008.
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Great Photo Don - One of the earliest shots I have seen of our Concrete Barge. It still has the Canoe Club Concrete Entrance on the top, its wooden slats & metal hatches!
From the holes & the Sea Wall the photo dates after 1953, perhaps the late 1950's.
If you look at the South East Point of the Sea Wall, that may well be the WW2 Pillbox that was destroyed/buried under the new 1980's Sea Wall.
If you have anymore like this please add them.

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By David Bullock
On 09/07/2008

I would agree that it was perhaps late 1950s onwards. It was before the early seventies because at some time during that period the holes that are in the bottom of the barge were covered over with criss cross pattern of wood planks, not sure why though. The construction of the new wall was started in 1974 or there abouts. I remember this well because I was thirteen. Canvey has certainly changed, but I will have fond memories of that barge that I had visited and played on many times having lived in Zelham Drive in my childhood. I was upset a few years back when I went to re-visit and it had disappeared.

By Teresa Murnane
On 20/07/2010

I used to play on or near that barge in 1963, i would like to know what happened to it, Canvey was a lovely place when i was a child.

By K.Ward
On 07/05/2012

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