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What an interesting read! Thanks for writing and posting this. The first bit talks about my relatives (I'm Fred McCave's niece) and it's always nice to read about them and the history of Canvey!

By Lesley McCave
On 21/11/2010

1) I thought that the Memorial Hall was dedicated to the Pilot of the Flying Fortress that crashed on the Point,his crew bailed out but he remained in to avoid crashing on the populated area, I saw the two fortresses collided ,one went into the Thames and the other flew low from west to east and would have come down earlier if the Pilot had not stayed on board 2) I bumped into Fred?McCave in a Cafe in Blackpool whilst on Holiday with Len Wakefield. The year was about 1955.

By David Harrison
On 06/09/2011

No David the Memorial Hall was for the dead of WW2 as you can read in the programme in our liturature section which gives details of the opening of the hall in 1953.

By Janet Penn
On 06/09/2011

when did the celts rule the island

By derek entwistle
On 11/03/2013

Before the Romans. They were the first to use the Island for salt-making according to Dowd's Cyclopaedia

By Janet Penn
On 11/03/2013

What a joy to be reminded of my happy days growing up on Canvey Island.

I knew Fred and his brother Will(table tennis days).

I have just been speaking on the telephone with a friend who married in St Katherines in 1957. Gillian Corlett. We had been in Sea Rangers together with Skipper Madge Moore.

Many friends -Joan  Huntley,Joan Milton and Maureen Pemberton to name just a few.

By doreen collins
On 28/09/2014