Two new St Joseph Pictures

Thanks to Leigh Sargent

By Janet Penn

Any ideas when these were taken? Are you in the photos please comment below.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Two new St Joseph Pictures' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Two new St Joseph Pictures' page
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I am in the lower picture, which was taken in approximately 1957

By Peter Mooney
On 09/07/2014

I am in the lower picture too, 7th boy from the right, and my brother David is in the top photo, 6th from the left!

By Gordon Murray
On 19/07/2014

I think these pictures are taken around 1954 - as I have longer hair and my communion pictures 7/8 years my hair was short my sister Miriam is in the top picture and she would have left the convent at around 1955/6

By pauline collier-sandgrove
On 10/10/2014

I think 1954/5 is nearer correct date. I am in top photo 3rd from right middle row. My sister Pauline is in lower photo second from left seated on ground. Unsure if it is Sr Aquinas in top photo.

By miriam petheram nee COLLIER
On 10/10/2014

i must be in there somewhere I was at the Convent from 53 onwards 

I think that's me back row far left

By Frank Daley
On 13/10/2014

showed photo to my elder sister and she confirms that's me back row far left

By Frank Daley
On 16/10/2014

Bottom picture - some of my classmates who I remember . Catherine Culleton, Pauline Quinn, Jeanette Chambers Yvonne Faiers, Ellen Gray, Kevin Mansell, Gordon Murray, Billy Smith, Michael Arnold - This I am sure is not just 1 class

By pauline sandgrove nee collier
On 17/10/2014

Names from the past.  I can remember everyone mentioned in the comments above and also Chris Shelton, Charlie Corey, Frankie Finch, Roisean Eliot,  Sister Annunciata, Mr Diamond. I think the pic was taken 1954. I am in the bottom picture either 4th from left or 1st on right - can't see too clearly. Happy days.

By Bill Smith
On 11/04/2015

To add to my last posting, Peter and Frances Twydell and I used to travel by taxi to school from Cemetery Corner in Benfleet. Then in later years a coach took us after picking up classmates in Hadleigh. I remember John and Gregory Hewitson and their sister Bernadette (I think). Gregory went into the Priesthood. Bobby Mathews is another name that springs to mind, he was a great one for collecting bird's eggs and I can remember him about 60 feet up a very large elm in Jotman 's Lane Benfleet being mobbed by crows.

I've had another look at the bottom pic and that could be me at 5th from right - fair hair anyway.  I'm sitting here chuckling at the memories. Kevin Mansell's Mum used to  make the most amazing potato crisps.

By Bill Smith
On 13/04/2015

I didn't join the school until 1957 but have happy memories of my short time there and it's good to see classmates in earlier times.

By Peter Clamp
On 15/06/2015

Hello, I'm Christine Thompson and was at the convent school in 1953 - I just loved that school, it was the best time in my education. Sadly, we moved to Corringham where I attended another school, but it wasn't a good experience at all. I think I'm in the second row from the bottom and the second girl from the right, I have short hair with white shoes and socks. As I look at the photograph it brings back many memories: I used to have long hair tied in pigtails until one day, on the way to school, a boy took his bubble gum out of his mouth and threw it into my hair - I've almost, always had short hair from that time on....

Does anyone remember the name of the Mother Superior at that time - she was an amazing women and is still in my prayers.

We are currently living in Australia with several trips back to the UK.

Warm regards to you all, Christine Thompson (Gray)

By Christine Gray
On 17/03/2016

Hi, the second photo is definitely 1953. We moved to Canvey Island from Stockley in Harlington in 1952. We lived on Canvey during 1953 because I watched the Queen's Coronation on my Godmother's television at her home. I remember the floods and the freezing winter of that time on Canvey - watching the Coronation is my reference point.

Best regards to all Christine Thompson

By Christine Gray
On 20/03/2016

Following on from Bill Smiths comment about Kevin Mansell's mums crisps...I too remember her making them for us when I went for tea. I was friends with Kevin's sister Anne. Our mothers were friends through the church...happy memories!!

By Janette Sheern ne. Johnson
On 23/07/2017