Canvey Carnival at Jones' Corner

What Year??

By Janet Penn

This photo was given to us by Eileen Cutler it was taken by her late husband Ernest. Obviously taken at Jones Corner. The float is of the Georgette Juveniles. The shop on the left on the corner of Denham Road was then the Co-op. Any ideas of the date?

Photo:Jones Corner

Jones Corner

Ernest Cutler

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Hello Re-The two houses shown beyond the CO-OP, One was where Denham parade is now and the further one was where the council car park is. One of them was called Pax and was used as an emergency distribution centre for baby supplies, dried milk, orange juice etc. until well after the flood. I believe the other was called Ajax and as they both sood empty for some while before coming down [60s?] so we of course knew that they were haunted. Regards Sparrow

By sparrow
On 15/04/2013

The house on the corner of Long Road and Denham Road was called something like "Insalime". The next house on Long Road and the corner of Tilburg Road, which then was just an unmade path, was called "Cosy Nooke". This was the house that I was born in and lived  until we moved to Cleveland Road in 1958. The next house between Tilburg Road and the council offices was called "Pax". I am sure my parents sold "Cosy Nooke" to Albert Jones who had also bought "Insalime". They were rented out for some time before being demolished for the construction of "Denham Parade".

I seem to remember that the dried milk, cod liver oil and orange juice were distributed at one point from a prefabricated building in Denham Road, immediately behind Nightingale's Store, later the CO-OP.  In the same building as Nightingale's stores fronting onto Denham Road, was, I seem to remember, a greengrocers and a butchers; Trott's I believe.

By Roger Roue
On 14/04/2016

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