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My elder brother always said he went to school with the Milky Bar Kid!

By Dave Bullock
On 03/06/2013

I did go to Furtherwick Park with "Milky" 1968 - 1972 and while he later achieved notoriety as a hard man footie player, he was our hooker in the school rugby team for a few years despite being almost as blind as a bat without his specs!  We used to hold a record for Furtherwick of no losses over the whole 5 years for the team.

By Andy Botwright
On 07/05/2014

Rugby Furtherwick Park school Many memories. Not good enough to make the first team so was in the side that played the 1st team at PE. Memory's like Mr Light shouting from the touchline as I lay what felt like two feet into the mud. " I said tackle him not kiss him." Great days good times. Its a shame they renamed the school Castle view. Was there 1969-1974.

By John Butt
On 14/05/2015

One of my best friends from that day to this!

By Steve Hyde
On 31/01/2016

I had the pleasure to meet Milky recently and found him a very pleasing personality and honest mate. All the best for the coming weeks to come stay strong.

By Ray Five
On 22/02/2016