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By Janet Penn
On 06/09/2013

Hi Always remember seeing Linda Kendrick in Hair 19?? and reading reviews of her voice 'like Brocken glass' Her voice had a quality that stood out and I've often wondered what became of her, a little like Eva Cassidy someone one day will play her songs and bring her voice to a new era of listener - let's hope.

By Bob baker
On 19/10/2013

So sad to read that Linda was dead., I met her in my family's cafe..quick-snax, in great Yarmouth, Norfolk, in 1970 she was with billy fury. Linda had a lovely spirit, I was lucky to have met her. God rest her beautiful soul. Paul.

By paul apostoli
On 12/11/2013

I recently bought Linda's L.P off eBay-and what a fine treat it is!

By Mark Wallace
On 20/01/2014

I just happened to think of Linda driving home from work this afternoon. I used to see her regularly in her flat on Maastrichter Straße in Cologne in late summer 1980, where we "trained" her baby boy to get rid of his nappies (he was about two years old). I also remember her friend and band colleague (the one on the band picture next to Linda), who was trying to keep her from being unhappy with this crazy taxidriver, the father (klaus?) of her second child. And I was wondering what she would be like now after all these years, not knowing that she already passed away in winter 2010. Hope her son is alright - he must be nearly twice as old now as I was then ;). He was a real cutie with his fair hair and big blue eyes :)

By marion wolff
On 27/06/2014

I was guitarist in the band that used to practice with Linda in her Mum and Dad's House. Sad to discover that she died in 2010. I was secretly in love with her at the time we were with her but my big mouth got us into a falling out with her Mum and we parted ways. Lovely girl and excellent singer.

By john Bynorth
On 07/12/2015

I was very sad to hear of Linda's death. I remember her voice very well at school  we often sung together we also used to take turns in class at singing requested by the teacher .

god bless her x

By Christine farrow
On 10/06/2016

I’ve no idea why but Linda Kendrick came into my head. So strange as I’ve not thought of her since I was in my teens a looong time ago. I used to fancy her like crazy and loved her voice. I never met her even tho I became a professional footballer and was also involved with music thru my friendship with Mickie Most. I googled her and saw she had passed away. So sad. I’ve no idea why I thought of her after not thinking of her for over 40 years. Strange. Linda may you RIP 

By Barry Silkman
On 23/02/2018

Linda’s mother Philomena who sadly past away when Linda was a child is buried down St Katherine’s churchyard and so is Linda’s grandmother Mary Quinn who lived in the Dutch cottage in the village.

Lindas mother’s sister Mary Slater is my grandmother and Marys son, Frank Slater, is my father.  Linda does have two sisters Janice and Cynthia who we are not sure if alive or not.  Linda also has a son whos name we don’t know but he lives in Brighton and my other grandmother Sandy Cook has met him once when caring for her grave but haven’t heard from since. We say that her talent runs through the family and that I definitely have it (which I don’t think so but everyone else does)

Thank you and RIP cousin Linda Xx

By Sophie Slater
On 29/03/2019

I’m sure Linda went to St Josephs primary school, vaagen road.

It was attached to the convent of the same name, run by nuns mainly.

I remember her in Mr Diamond’s class around 1959.

can anyone verify this??

really would like to know.

Philip Chapman.

By Philip chapman
On 09/07/2019