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One of my earliest memories of walking to Leigh Beck school in the 1960's is passing the high bushes along the front of Whittier Hall. I remember occasionally cutting through to the back in Winterswyk Avenue where there were holes in the wire fence - I also remember getting told off!

Finally I remember it being demolished in the late 1970's - all that was left was one room in the middle. For the first time ever I went inside with my best friend Frank to find a full sized snooker table in a still furnished room! I guess it was saved, I wonder where it ended up.

By David Bullock
On 02/12/2008

Mrs Thomas and her sister Blossom Stevens recruited my mother when a teenager to become a missionary in the late 40's. Her own mother put a stop to the enterprise before she was transported to the African continent!

By M George
On 31/08/2017

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