M.V. 'Royal Daffodil' passing the Chapman Light

Pen and ink by K C Lockwood

By Janet Penn

This lovely pen and ink drawing of the Chapman Lighthouse is by K C Lockwood. We would love to see more of his drawings.

Can anyone tell us who K C Lockwood is?

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'M.V. 'Royal Daffodil' passing the Chapman Light' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'M.V. 'Royal Daffodil' passing the Chapman Light' page
This page was added by Janet Penn on 06/04/2009.
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Thank you for the opportunity to see the MV Royal Daffodil again. I was on board in 1946 en route to Calais when she was being used as a Troop Ship between Dover and the Transit Camp in Calais. I was in the REME on my first posting to 12 Heavy Workshop REME in Hanover.

Happy Memories!


By Eric Cozens
On 24/06/2009

And I also went to Calais around 1955 when a day trip was 16/- return and when we approached Southend pier (from whence we sailed) everyone on board started singing 'Now is the Hour'. She had a Sister ship, the Royal Sovereign, that used to do the same trip, I believe. She only had one funnel and was smaller, though. I still have a boxed plastic letter opener souvenir from MV Daffodil.

By Terry Ive
On 12/03/2012

I really liked the two great pictures of the M.V. Royal Daffodil. Please correct me if I am wrong, but didn't she play a part in the evacuation of Dunkirk, when the Wermach had the British, and other forces, pinned down on the beaches there??? Early in WWII?

By Gerald Hudson
On 13/03/2012

She was one of the ships that took part in Operation Dynamo, the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940. She rescued 9.500 men in seven trips. According to Wikipedia

By Janet Penn
On 13/03/2012

She was also used to evacuate children from London to Lowerstoft as described by Alec Turner on the BBC website WW2 People's War

By Janet Penn
On 13/03/2012

I can remember going to either Ramsgate or Margate from Southend on the Royal Daffodil around 1960 thereabouts. Our whole family Mum, Dad and us children just for a days outing. Great memories. BTW The best years of my life as a child were those of when I lived on Canvey Island.

By Alan Samuels
On 02/10/2012

I served on The Daffodil for one season in 1964. She was my first ship in a career in the Merchant Navy. As we passed the old forts in the Thames Estuary, we would re-tune the ships radio to hear Screaming Lord Sutch saying hello from his radio station on one of the forts. There was a plaque on the deck to show where the bomb passed through during the Dunkirk evacuation. What a shame she ended up in the scrap yard.

By richard bryan
On 11/10/2012

Yes,the Dunkirk connection alone, should have seen the Royal Daffodil restored, and perhaps moored and kept as a "Heritage" site. The 'scrap yard' ending must have bitterly disappointed those W.W.11 passengers.!! Gerald Hudson.

By Gerald Hudson.
On 11/10/2012

Does Richard Bryan remember my father Frank Cawthron who was Chief Steward on The Daffodil?

By Barbara Walker
On 03/04/2013

Hi there, I was wondering  if anyone  knew my father who served  on the daffodil his name was John macintosh scouler known as jack but sadly my dad never spoke about this time in his life.if anyone has any info it would be much appreciated 

Kind regards

C sulo

By coring sulo
On 03/01/2016

I worked as photographer on board the Royal Soveriegn & the Royal Daffodile, the summer of 1962. Including the rock across the channel with Gene Vincent.  And Jazz boat down the Thames , bands included Acker Bill & Kenny Ball. On the Royal Daffodile the crew were not allowed to leave the ship, so I used to go ashore and buy cheap alcohol for them.

By Peter Crosbie
On 18/02/2016

My grandfather Sydney Barsby was evacuated from Dunkirk on this ship . He served in the Royal Engineers .

By Julie bettinson
On 25/02/2017

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