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The Telephone Exchange was on the right (walking from the High St). I know that a Mr and Mrs Jackson lived there many years ago, she actually worked for my Uncle Bill who had a greengrocers shop between Florence Road and May Avenue. The shop is still there although the little parade of shops have been modernised in latter years. Mr Jackson was the manager/supervisor or the exchange but lived there at some point. The person I knew that worked there, Mr North, had a daughter called Marjorie who was my friend - she moved away quite a few years ago. Maybe someone may have known her or indeed may know her whereabouts now? She lived on the corner of either Roggel Road or Handle Road and Delder Avenue.

By Joan Liddiard via Dave Bullock
On 09/04/2008

The Canvey Hall, as mentioned above, looks very
similar to now existing Women's Institute Hall in
Lionel Road.

By Christina Goss
On 28/04/2008

Hi Christina, thanks a lot for your comment. It's great to see that the Womens Institute Hall is still there, with a lot of empty ground behind it.
We now have reason to believe that the Canvey Hall pictured above is the Baptist Church in the High Street opposite St Annes Road in Leigh Beck. We also now have a theory that when it changed its name from Canvey Hall to the Baptist Church, perhaps the hall in Hartfield Parade was named Canvey Hall?

By David Bullock
On 28/04/2008

I remember Albert North, he was a lovely chap.
My Father George Wilson had a TAXI in the 1950's and Albert North used to phone dad for Taxies for the teddy boys.
In those days you had to go through the exchange, as my boy friend was phoning from the MAIN land lol.
I was courting and if my then Boyfriend (now Husband) didn't phone, I used to get through to Albert and asked if he had phoned, very often Albert would say yes but the line was bad and he couldn't get through.
The phone would go and Albert would say hello Margaret, lover boy is on the line, this went on all our courting life until we married in 1959.
My father used to call into Albert's, on Sunday, about dinner time and Albert's wife used to do extra baked potatoes as father always opened her oven and took a couple out, then he was off home on his bicycle for his own roast dinner.
When my father died, Albert came to his funeral and cheered us all up by telling tales of my father .

By Margaret
On 27/05/2008

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