The Crested Eagle passing the Chapman Lighthouse

One of the casualties of Dunkirk

By Janet Penn

Builders of the Crested Eagle were Samuel White of Cowes 1925

Crested Eagle was sunk at Dunkirk when she was bombed between the funnel and the engine room. As she sunk her fuel oil ignited and the blaze that followed claimed over 300 lives. Her hulk still lies on the Dunkirk beaches.

More pictures and information of the Crested Eagle can be seen on this website

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My father was on board this craft when it was hit. He was very badly burnt, jumped into the sea, lost consciousness, and was later found in a hospital in Belgium. Someone had rescued him. (He was claustrophobic and fearful of being trapped by fire, for the rest of his life.) The first craft he boarded was also bombed, as he had just stepped onto it from the mole. He survived that, and was then picked up by the Crested Eagle. He has just died, aged 97 years, having continued with the Ministry of Defence for the rest of his professional life, and despite having had the most horrific burns, made a full recovery.

By Jennifer Lord
On 19/08/2009

My grandfather was on the Crested Eagle.  Unfortunately, he did not survive.

By lorraine
On 11/03/2018

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