Waiting for the tall ships

Watercolour by Harry Russell 1980's

By Janet Penn

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Waiting for the tall ships' page
This page was added by Janet Penn on 31/10/2009.
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Harry Russell may have been a 'primitive' painter, but his heritage of work is varied, colourful, delightful to watch and can be, as here, quite thought-provoking. It tells a story. We are waiting on the shore to see again some of the ships that passed along this great river. Viewing the ships was one of the sales points of Canvey's early developers. Here the ships are still there, parading ghost-like, sail and steam.

Yet the photographer, we notice, points his camera to the more substantial image in front. Thames barges have not quite gone. We can still watch a few on barge race days.
Still, with the new container port there ought to be more shipping returning to the river, big ugly ones at least.
The evocative 'Waiting for the Tall Ships' is a good example why Canvey ought to have its own Arts Trail or Festival. So many artists have caught its spirit in the past - and some still do...
Robert Hallmann

By Robert Hallmann
On 01/11/2009

I seem to remember the 'Tall Ships' coming past in the 80's. Was it the tall ship race or something?

By Janet Penn
On 01/11/2009