The Moss & Bullock Families on Canvey

Canvey Family history in Photos

A Photo Slideshow starting 1928

By David Bullock

On my original site I published my families history on Canvey Island from the first bungalow in 1928 until today.

Here I have put the Photos into a video slideshow to enable the viewers to hopefully enjoy this trip through the past.

This page was added by David Bullock on 12/01/2010.
Comments about this page

Liked the photos, but it would have been more comfortable to view if the sequences had been a lot slower to allow identification of same. We are ex CANVEY-ITE'S OF THE OLD CANVEY.

By val court
On 26/08/2012

You are right Val ~ It was timed to fit in with the music. Maybe I'll do another slower one!

By Dave Bullock
On 27/08/2012

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