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What fascinating flamboyant people moved to Canvey in the early years. Great pictures thanks to Joan Ogg.

Additional information:

David Ogg (1) wife was Ada Mable J Foxton born in Lambeth c1869, her father was John Foxton born in York, a Stone Carver/Mason. David's (1) first wife was Emma Bellett a silk weaver from Bethnal Green born c1853, they married 1870 in Mile End Old Town where David had a Beer House in the 1881 census. Later moving to Upper East Smithfield, Aldgate where again he was a publican. Emma died in 1897

By Janet Penn
On 02/05/2008

I have just received the deeds for my house and it seems that it was built on the site of "Canvey Lodge" in the early 70s. There are references to Ada Mable Jessie Ogg in some of the conveyancing documents also.

By Paul Crawley
On 28/01/2012

Remember David Ogg well, he use to do plumbing for Prout's when I worked for them at Small Gains corner

By Ian Hawks
On 29/01/2012

In 1910, the property was described thus in the Tax Evaluation Field book "Detached Bungalow erected in weather boarding & felt roof with verandas and balcony approached by steps, enclosed forecourt by an open pale fence & paved approach."   "Contains 4 rooms" "Road unmade". It also says Bungalow and shed.

It was purchased 27th (July or Feb - difficult to read) 1902 for £70 - a question mark was added so maybe they were unsure of cost. They also claim that £125 subsequently spent on the property.

By Martin Lepley
On 29/10/2017